Diwali Hampers

If you're still looking for awesome Diwali hampers to send to your loved ones, look no further than Prime Foods. We're not your run-of-the-mill snack brand – we're the tasty twist your Diwali celebration needs.

Now, the big news! We've put together two awesome Diwali hampers for you:

Shubh Diwali Hamper (Rs. 1200) - Loaded with all flavours of Sweet Potato Chips, Baked Bhujia, Cheese Crunch and Nutcracker

Maha Diwali Hamper (Rs. 2000) - Take your celebration up a notch with everything in the Shubh Diwali Hamper, plus a bunch of crackers and a box of mithai to tantalize your taste buds.



But here's the kicker: our snacks aren't just delicious; they're a healthier choice, so you can enjoy without the guilt. 🙌

Imagine this: Sweet Potato Chips in Peri Peri, Barbecue, and Tandoori flavors – crispy, yummy, and a bit healthier than regular potato chips. But that's just the start. Our Superfood Crackers, from Ragi to Pecan Cranberry, will take your snacking game to the next level. And don't forget our Baked Namkeens, with healthier versions of Bhujia and unique options like Cheese Crunch and Nutcracker.

So, why wait? Give your loved ones the gift of taste and health this Diwali. To order, just call or WhatsApp us at 9321656421/9819325589 or shoot us a DM on Instagram @primefoodsindia. Let the festivities begin!

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